How to Help an Ageing Parent Choose a Hearing Aid

If your ageing parent needs a hearing aid, it's good to ensure that they address this as soon as possible. Not being able to hear can be dangerous; they may not hear a siren behind them when driving and may overlook the sounds of something boiling over on the stovetop, running water and other hazards in the home. Your ageing parent may resist getting hearing aids because they're afraid of how they will look or aren't sure of the right type, so note a few tips for helping them choose the best one for them. [Read More]

Tips To Help You Prevent The Recurrence Of A Plantar Fasciitis Sports Injury

Plantar fasciitis is a common heel injury that occurs when the foot ligaments known as Plantar Fascia become overly stressed because of excessive pressure. Heel pain is a common symptom of a plantar fasciitis and it's possible for this injury to recur if you fail to protect your feet properly. The tips provided below can help you prevent the recurrence of a plantar fasciitis. Learn the Correct Foot Posture Maintaining the wrong foot posture during sports, especially during sports that involve running or high impact sports, is one reason you're likely to incur recurrent plantar fasciitis. [Read More]

Top Signs That You Need to Replace Your Hearing Aids

If you currently wear hearing aids, you should know that they won't last forever. Aside from replacing them when they get damaged or are worn out due to age, there are some other reasons to replace them. Look for the following signs when determining if now is a good time to get a new pair of hearing aids. You Have Had Lifestyle Changes When you have significant lifestyle changes, it is often a good reason to consider what type of hearing aids you have now, and whether a different style will be more suited to that lifestyle. [Read More]