Pregnancy And Crohn's Disease: 3 Benefits Of Obstetric Care

Uncomplicated, routine antenatal care is carried out by community midwifes, but if you have Crohn's disease, you may benefit from obstetric care throughout your pregnancy. This is not because you're guaranteed to have a difficult pregnancy and experience problems, but because having Crohn's disease can impact on some aspects of pregnancy. Obstetricians have the training and experience required to manage pregnancy complications and oversee the care of high-risk pregnancies. Here are three benefits of seeing an obstetrician when you have Crohn's disease: [Read More]

Looking To Employ? Have Your Employees Get A Pre Employment Medical Assessment First

If you are planning to employ people for field-related jobs such as mining, agriculture or transportation, it is paramount that you have them screened through a pre employment medical assessment. This is a process where the prospective employees are medically evaluated to see if they have any existing conditions or injuries that you ought to know before hiring them. As an employer, insisting on pre employment medicals has lots of advantages as explained below. [Read More]

Skin Cancer Self-Examination Guide

Skin cancer can be cured if it is detected early enough.  Although it's recommended that you attend your local health clinic regularly for health checks, you should also carry out self-examination on a monthly basis, especially if you work outdoors or spend a lot of time outside during the summer months. So, how do you carry out self-examination and what warning signs should you be looking out for?  Read on for a helpful guide. [Read More]

Why Won't Your Dentist Fit Veneers On Your Teen?

Fitting veneers onto teeth can be a good way of fixing both cosmetic and dental problems. Often used to create a brighter smile, veneers can also cover up crooked teeth or teeth that have been discoloured by damage. If your teenager has dental problems or wants a whiter smile, they may ask if they can have veneers fitted. While you may agree to this solution, your dentist may not always have the same opinion. [Read More]